MARGA MARGA UNDERTAKES: Connecting Cultures Through Tourism and Study Abroad Programs


GoAbroad-CHILE forms part of the MARGA MARGA UNDERTAKES Project, a joint endeavor developed in conjunction with the University of  Aconcagua, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Quilpué, Governorship of the Marga Marga County, GoAbroad-Chile, k-12 Schools, and other public and private institutions. 

The aim of the MARGA MARGA UNDERTAKES Project is to increase inter/national visibility to Marga Marga County, Valparaiso region, by promoting the following Academic and Experiential Learning Experiences:

Study Abroad Programs at the University of Aconcagua

High School Programs 

Experiential Learning Programs (Volunteerism, Internship, Community Service, Field Education, Service-Learning)

Intensive Spanish & Chilean Culture Programs