Capital of the Marga Marga County: The City of Quilpué

The Marga Marga County was officially founded on March 11, 2010, and is formed by the union of four cities: Quilpué, Villa Alemana, Limache and Olmué, whose  capital is the City of Quilpué, known as “The City of the Sun“.

This is a very young county, but with great spirit and energy, characterized by gathering multiple activities of these four cities that make it a county with tremendous potential.

We have  industrial areas,  a strong agricultural sector located in Limache and Olmué, great vineyards in Quilpué City – specifically in the countryside. There are some as old as Los Perales vineyard (www.vinalosperales.cl), whose production came from the French Fathers from the Congregation of Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, who brought strains which have hitherto been preserved and cultivated that are internationally renowned. As this,  there is also Raab-Domay Vineyard (http://www.vinaraab.cl), which exports much of their production for demandingpalates from France, Portugal and Belgium.

Viña los Perales

Viña Los Perales

Vineyards Vintage Celebration

There is also tourism in cities like Olmué, known as the Folkloric Capital of  Chile, where you can taste traditional cuisine, practice trekking and mountain climbing in “Cerro La Campana” ( a protected area for flora and fauna) and every year in the month of January the performance of the “Festival of Huaso” (http://www.festivaldelhuaso.cl) which mainly broadcasts the folklore of our country which is rich and varied.

Other areas of interest for tourism are Los Perales, La Retuca and Colliguay with resorts, water parks, vineyards, eco-tourism, horseback riding and spa health centers that are innovative and modern as well as restful and relaxing.

Los Perales


The cities of Quilpué and Villa Alemana have a good development of industrial, economic and commercial centers. In these cities, it is possible to find banks shopping centers and large retail stores and supermarkets nationwide present with their products.

Likewise, the education sector is largely covered with various schools (K-12), language institutions, and colleges.

Noteworthy is the active participation of the Marga Marga community in various organizations and institutions, both social and community work such as the Lions Club, Rotary Club, community organizations and of course, the active participation of the Chamber of Commerce of these cities

Having very good transportation services, the four cities are connected through a high speed road that allows connection to the cities of Viña del Mar, Valparaíso and fast convergence towards the capital Santiago closed range of 1 hour 40 minutes; services of inter-city buses, local buses and a good and fast means of transport such as metro (Merval http://www.merval.cl) that allows fast trips among the cities.

The climate of this county is considered to be privileged due to the location within Chile. It’s warm during Summer- temperatures range between 24 to 28 °C (75 to 82°F)- and not too cold in Winter time – temperatures will never get colder than 2°C (35.6°F). The cities are free of environmental pollution allowing clean skies and clean air.

The inhabitants of these cities are waiting for your visit!

Come and enjoy a wonderful experience in our Marga-Marga County!

Marga Marga County Tourism Cluster Project