Dear participants, let me invite you to participate in our Doing Business in Chile Program.

Welcome Aboard!


Mauricio Bruna – Associate Director Business and Entrepreneurship Programs in Chile

Business Engineer from Universidad de Las Americas with a major in Business Administration; Accountant from Duoc UC. Oscar has a Diploma in Business Management and a Diploma in Business from Pontificia Universidad Católica. Another Diploma in Business from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. With experience in management development, administration, finance and strategic management exercises various positions in companies of different economic sectors. Currently he holds the position of Professional Coordinator at the Ministry of Economy of the Region of Valparaiso. He also advises unions and trade associations, conducts development and economic analysis of regional projects, among other activities.

The Doing Business in Chile Program is comprised of 3 components:




Doing Business in Chile (45 hours) / taught in English. This course is offered by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of the Universidad de Valparaíso. This course is specially designed to provide a macro view about various legal aspects involved in the process of doing business in Chile, such as taxes, labor reforms and new laws. The main idea is to provide a global approach about the financial, legal and social country contingent situation; and giving, also, a focus on foreign investment in our country.

APAREM-PIC2Business Plans for Social Entrepreneurial Organizations (32 hours) / taught in English. This course is offered by the Academic Training Division of GoAbroad-CHILE: GoTraining-CHILE. The purpose of this course is to aid participants in understanding the importance of business plans for high impact social mission organizations, as well as to train students to construct business plans for social entrepreneurial organizations, including social enterprises and non-profit organizations that depend on unearned income.

Volunteer, Internships and Service Learning Programs. Volunteer programs are a great way to experience a new culture and contribute to a local community project. Internships are customized to meet the participant’s individual goals for professional development (intended for students with an intermediate/high Spanish level); Service Learning is designed to meet the need of the local community while developing skills relevant to the participant’s field of study/work. The Volunteer, Internships and Service Learning Programs are offered by the Center for Global Workforce Development of GoAbroad-CHILE in conjunction with the QUILPUE Chamber of Commerce.

The Doing Business in Chile Program is offered under the auspices of the QUILPUE Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by the Valparaiso’s Regional Economy Secretariat for the Economy, Development and Tourism of the Chilean Government.

This program is offered in May, June, July, January; and/or, upon request.

Words from the Regional Ministerial Secretary: Mr. Omar Morales

“As Regional Secretary, Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism in the region of Valparaíso-Chile, let me welcome you to this program which is developed in conjunction with Go Abroad-Chile and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Quilpué and sponsored by this Regional Ministerial Secretary.

The Mission of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism is to promote the modernization and competitiveness of the productive structure of the country, the private sector and the efficient operation of markets, development of innovation and consolidation of the international integration of the economy as a sustainable and equitable growth through the formulation of policies, programs and instruments to facilitate the activity of production units in the country and their corporate organizations and institutions related to the production and technological development of the country, both public and private domestic and foreign.

Chile has grown faster so far and hopefully in the near future will become a developed country.

We hope that these days have the opportunity to meet our potential and succeed in your visit to our country.

Welcome to the region of Valparaíso, Chile!”

Mr. Omar Morales
Regional Ministerial Secretary Valparaíso’s Regional Economy Secretariat for the Economy, Development and Tourism Ministry