Private and public institutions have formed Universidad de Aconcagua Advisory Board – Quilpué Campus to emphasize and generate a joint endeavor which will be developed with the Quilpue Chamber of Commerce, Governorship of the Marga Marga County, GoAbroad-Chile, and other public and private institutions, with the mission to increase inter/national visibility to Marga Marga County by promoting Study, Volunteer, and Internship Programs Abroad among inter/national students.

Supporting Words for “Marga Marga Undertakes” Project from International Partner:

Marga Marga County Tourism Cluster Project

According to C. Ketels, a cluster is “a group of companies and institutions co-located in a specific geographic region and linked by interdependencies in providing a related group of products and/or services. Because of their proximity (both in terms of geography and activities) the clusters members are driven by various types of externalities specific to their location.  These externalities include, for instance, the access to specialized labor markets and suppliers, the knowledge spill-overs, a pressure to reach higher economic performance to face the increasing competitiveness, and a continuous learning thanks to a close interaction between the customers and the specialized suppliers.”

The Marga Marga County Tourism cluster is a cluster which ambition is to reinforce, in terms of sustainable development, the destination identity – what makes it different from other destinations – and which stakeholders are all responsible for it.

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