Marga Marga County Soccer/Football Associations

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Alto Florida Quilpué –  the Cradle of Great Football Players

Very few amateur clubs in the country can point out with satisfaction that  two of the greatest values ​​of Chilean football emerged from Alto Florida Quilpué: Elías Figueroa, the best national player of the 20th century, and Patricio Yáñez, the most extraordinary right-hander to date.

On January 25, 1940, a group of young athletes from the upper area of ​​Quilpué founded a club that would group them under one roof and that would be an honor for those who defended their colors. The environment served to give a name to the new institution: High because of the residential location of its people, in a sector where practically ended the quilpueína commune, and Florida because there were commonly yellow wildflowers, the same color that they chose for their shirts and that mixed with the black in a diagonal strip in the shorts and the stockings.


Elías Figueroa



Rural Football Association “MARGA-MARGA / COLLIGUAY” of Quilpué

The Association was born as a result of the different football clubs that emerged in the Marga-Marga valley and Colliguay in Quilpué. Grouped in the rural area called Los Perales, the different clubs gave live  to the Rural Football Association in the year 1987.

The association is registered as a “Community Organization” in the records of the Municipality of Quilpué obtaining its legality in 1997 which allows it to apply for external projects and resources.

Currently, the following Clubs form part of the Association: AYMARA; ALTO PALENA; EL OCASO; HORIZONTE; LOS COLIGUES y JUVENTUD BLANCO. CLUB UNIÓN EL TRANQUE will rejoin in 2018.