GoAbroad-Chile through Universidad de Aconcagua Advisory Board Connects Cultures through Tourism and Study Abroad Programs in the Marga-Marga province.

Private and public institutions have formed Universidad de Aconcagua Advisory Board to emphasize and generate a joint endeavor which will be developed with the Quilpue Chamber of Commerce, Governorship of the Marga Marga County, GoAbroad-Chile, and other public and private institutions, with the mission to increase inter/national visibility to Marga Marga County by promoting Study, Volunteer, and Internship Programs Abroad among inter/national students.




Study/Entrepreneurship and Social Programs:

1. For international participants interested in learning Spanish, Chilean Culture and Entrepreneurship Programs, please visit the GoAbroad-UAC International Office Universidad de Aconcagua website.

2. For international participants interested in making an impact throughVolunteerism, Community Service, Internship, Field Education, and Service Learning Programs, GoAbroad-CHILE together with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the city of Quilpué,  Governmental institutions, University of Aconcagua, k-12 Schools, and Social Organizations offer a wide and diversified range of opportunities to develop and help in the Marga-Marga County.

3. Engage in Inclusive Settings. For international participants interested in supporting the theme of Social Inclusion, be part as volunteers of the Leadership for Social Inclusion in the Lives of People with Disabilities Association. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


GoAbroad CHILE in the press…

An alliance for the broadcasting of the province of Marga Marga at universities in the US and Europe is the one working by the Tourism Cluster of the communes of Quilpué, Villa Alemana, Limache and Olmué, with “Go Abroad-Chile”.

This is a digital platform ( ), generated in Quilpué, which aims to encourage the arrival of students, professionals and visitors to various tourist destinations and commercial featuring of  Marga Marga Province.

When asked about the possibility of what foreigners of various nationalities frequenting Marga Marga Province because of this action, the provincial governor Gianni Rivera said that “any instance of approachment with other countries is positive to further promote the great work being done in tourism since last year”.

“The more they people come to the province, the known and can be developed, will be very positive for all of us, but above all we want to invite people to come, learn, stay here and realize the potential of communes of Quilpué, Villa Alemana, Limache and Olmué, and everything that can be offered overseas “said Rivera.

Meanwhile, Ana María Cabello, manager of Go Abroad-Chile, explained that its role is to “provide internships, volunteering, ‘service learning’ also to all those students, professionals and foreign visitors wishing to visit Chile, but mainly idea is to boost the province of Marga Marga. So we are letting them know what is the province of Marga Marga also have hired advertising on different servers, however, is not an easy job. “

In addition to promoting tourism internationally, the Tourism Cluster created last year and which are active chambers of commerce and tourism, and SERNATUR, continues to explore ways to improve visitor arrivals to Marga Marga.

In this regard it is noteworthy implementing strategies with government agencies as well as the installation of new and better signposts specifying the attractive points of the communes of Olmué, Limache, Villa Alemana and Quilpué.

Source: Different press sources (Radio Aldea, El Observador, El Mercurio de Valparaiso, El Informador)


GoAbroad CHILE invited to participate in the MARGA MARGA Province Tourism Cluster Project

A set of various organizations related to the tourism area of ​​the Province of Marga-Marga have formed a Tourism Cluster with the aim of promoting the various milestones that this beautiful province offers its visitors.

The organizations that make up this cluster are among others: The Four Chambers of Commerce of the cities that conform the Marga-Marga Province (Quilpué, Villa Alemana, Limache and Olmué), municipalities, entrepreneurs in the tourism category, SERNATUR, the Governor Provincial.

They started its activities in 2013, and have been developing quite a various actions to disseminate the events that the province has to offer its visitors.

Go Abroad- Chile, has been invited to be part of this Cluster, provided the opportunity to raise awareness among students from abroad, and professionals who wish to apply for our programs, which we offer the opportunity to visit and discover all the tourist adventures Province Marga-Marga can provide.