International Partners

All students who seek a foreign experience must possess a global perspective. This perspective involves a personal, academic, and social orientation. Personal orientation entails the understanding of learning a language and a development of integrating capacities. Academic orientation engrosses the objective that one acquires through history and politics that forms a part of a country and the institutions in which one studies, especially the observations of the differences of academic systems in each country. Finally, social orientation permits the student to be able to understand others.
This global perspective or multicultural education permits the student, who has participated in a program of study or work abroad, to possess the necessary skills to successfully compete in a globalized economy. This is why globalization and multicultural education are inseparable in today’s society. It can be deduced that each student needs to have the opportunity to be educated internationally and that the opportunity to study or work abroad should not be limited to those talented of a class, but should be directed energetically towards students of all the class. This should be the norm and not an exception to the norm.


Go Abroad CHILE is a “Trusted Partner of BPP University” since November 2016.