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Viviana is a Teacher of English as a Second Language. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature with an emphasis in Education from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Viviana has a career of more than 10 years as Counselor and Director of English curricula in a conglomerate of K-12 schools located in Santiago (Chile´s Capital), Quilpué (5th Region of Valparaíso, central Chile) and Pucon (10th Región, southern part of Chile). Viviana holds a Diploma as Mentor given by The Ministry of Education of Chile, being part of a selective group of about 50 members within the country.

Viviana has extensive experiencie in teaching Spanish to students of many different nationalities who have decided to participate in Study Abroad & Experiential Programs in Chile.

As Academic and Experiential Learning Programs Director, Viviana is in charge of implementing international cooperation strategies with universities, think tanks, companies and other partners in Chile and worldwide. She acts as the key contact point for providing international participants academic and experiental opportunities  in Chile which fit their interests and goals, and also advises local students and professionals about Study/Work/Experiental Abroad opportunities. Viviana works closely with the Housing Coordinator to ensure the timely and effective processing of incoming participants applications and placements.




Ana María, NAFSA member since 2000, has extensive experience in international education as study abroad program administrator, professor of Spanish as a Foreign Language, and assisting international students from all over the world. Ana María is a native Chilean born in Valparaíso. She studied English Language and Education at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, holds a Diploma in International Relations and another in Business Management.

Her previous experience as an International Educator was as an ISEP Coordinator (International Student Exchange Programs) and SEPP-Chile Coordinator (Spoken English Promotion Project – SEPP), an exchange program between Chinese and Chilean students and professionals developed by Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZIJSU).

En China al fin!

Ana María and her team presented at NAFSA Conference with a Poster Group titled “Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus: Chilean Students teaching English in China”, in Los Angeles Convention Center in 2009 (NAFSA 2009  Conference and Expo). As Manager of Community Outreach and Communications, she is responsible for all aspects of connecting GoAbroad-CHILE to the local community. Ana María is also in charge of GoAbroad – UAC International Programs intended for international students who need to spend a Semester or Year Abroad Program in the areas of Health, Engineering, and Social Sciences @ Universidad de Aconcagua Quilpué Campus. 




“My name is Karen Valenzuela. I am a Social Worker experienced in case, group and community methodology. I also have advanced proficiency in English. My practice has included working with old people, Mapuche communities and cognitive disable children. As a Social Worker my aim is to provide people with the necessary tools to cope with every aspect they may need from deriving people to  psychological aid to social and legal advice. I’m prepared to guide the outgoing and incoming students of the Goabroad-Chile program in every aspect of their stay in Chile. I will become  your best aid and companion!”




“Hello, my name is Bárbara Cabello. I studied English Pedagogy at Santo Tomás University in Viña del Mar (UST). During my studies, I got a scholarship for future Teachers of English called “Un Semester en el Extranjero” (A Semester Abroad) offered by BECAS CHILE, an education initiative developed by the Chilean Ministry of Education and the English Opens Doors Program in the United Stated. I was enrolled in the Language and Methodoly Program offered by Arkansas State University located in Jonesboro, AR. For me, studying abroad was the most enjoyable experience of my life because of the academic contents I learnt, the wonderful people I met and the great opportunity to teach Spanish language to native students through the PAL Program I had. Since then I have enjoyed interacting with people from all over the world, learning about their cultures and experiences, and teaching them about my own culture and language.

Over the program, I´ll be teaching the “conversation and Chilean culture” class. This course is very important to me because I know how relevant is to be immersed in a culture in order to learn and internalized a new language. But I´m mainly longing introduce you our idiosyncrasy as Chileans. I not only want to teach you to speak Spanish but also I want to show you how incredible Chile is.”




Violeta was a pioneer as a Housing Coordinator matching students and families in the fifth region, long before study abroad began to flourish. She began in the year 1995 and has provided accommodation to countless university students who have chosen Valparaiso to study and experience living with a Chilean family. Her extensive experience also includes assisting visiting professors in finding suitable long and short term accommodations.

In order to give an outstanding service, I visit the contacted families; I interview them, complete a form and check over the house. Once approved, I keep watch over the student´s stay in the selected home. At present i have over 250 families ready to receive international students. This initiative generates not only incomes to Chilean host families but it also allows them to experience a different culture and learn from it in their own homes. I also have a record book of guest houses, rooming houses, and apartments for international students who want more independence.

Her work has been recognized by Directors of International Studies Programs.