The Chamber’s International Cooperation Affairs Division is designed to provide a “home” for international students, professionals and visitors, as well as to be a central location where the Chamber will engage the business, government, foundation and civic communities around global issues.

Several of the functions performed at the International Cooperation Affairs Division include:

1. Provide vision and leadership for international activities.

2. Extend and communicate the Chamber’s international reach and reputation.

3. Build partnerships and joint collaborations with institutions in the Marga Marga Province, as well as nationally and internationally, to advance the economic vitality of the region through global outreach.

4. Facilitate and engage individual and institutional connections enabling the exchange of people and ideas.

5. Provide support for international students, professionals and visitors interested in participating in the activities offered by the Center of Global Workforce Development including: training programs, internships, volunteer and service learning activities, to mention some.

6. Assist all Chamber’s members in enhancing their businesses experience by going abroad.

María Eugenia Maturana Venegas

International Liason Officer

maria-isabelMaría Eugenia, the eldest daughter of two sisters, born in the city of Viña del Mar, place that welcomed during her childhood and youth. It was in this city where she also studied and began her professional and community service career.

By profession Executive Administrative Secretary she has started early work by entering the old and prestigious Library Niemeyer in the city of Valparaiso. Given her strong performance, was called to be part of the young group of people entering the newspaper El Mercurio de Valparaíso SAP in 1962, beginning in the area of inventory and was quickly promoted to General Manager’s Assistance of the prestigious company.

Organized the Sport Club El Mercurio (DEM) together with some employees. She was responsible of organizing sports competitions within the company also competing in inter-enterprise games. Organized the Christmas and New Year’s festivities for the children of employees and partners gathering itself to the whole family.

Assists in the update of accounting systems and distribution of the company. She stayed out of her office and company for about nine years, time in which her family moved to live and work as commercial agents of the Company El Mercurio in the City of Quilpué in 1974, a position she held until the end of 2008.

With great expectations of what this new city could deliver her and her family and the haunting spirit of tasks with the community, is elected as part of the leadership of Parents Council of both Schools; Religiosas Pasionistas of Quilpué and Daniel de la Vega School. Where she was subsequently elected President of both institutions.

Following the same path of integration and collaboration with trade and development of the “Sun City” that her husband conducted while he was alived from his early years living in Quilpué, she is invited to participate in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Quilpué, AG, institution that she enters in the 1990’s. With great enthusiasm always dedicated to strengthening the retail trade in the city, is elected within the directory group, holding the position of Pro-Treasurer. Later she is elected President of the Chamber of Commerce, where she served for three consecutive terms from 2006 to 2012. During 2013-2014, she was elected Vice-President. Today is reappointed Vice-President of the group for the current period 2015-2016.

In 2012 she was invited to join the National Board of the Confederation of Trade Retailer of Chile as Director, a position she holds today. As well as Director of the Chamber of Commerce Quilpué, she was invited to be on the Board of the Regional Federation of Trade of the V region, occupying the position of Secretary of the organization.

Her tireless social work, takes her to participate in 2013 Aparem organization (Association of Parents and Friends of Youth and Adults with Multiple Challenges Quilpué), an institution that provides support and shape the Labor Protected Workshop for young people with multiple syndromes and neurological disorders where she holds the position of Treasurer.

Moreover, given her extensive experience in the guild area related to the Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the city of Quilpué, the Board of the Chamber of Commerce has appointed her as International Liason Officer of the International Cooperation Affairs area of the Chamber, developed in conjunction with Go Abroad – Chile Ltd., an area that serves as the Chamber’s front door to the rest of the world.