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Learn about doing business in Chile! Two types of customized business programs are offered:

For students taking Business or Business-related courses, please visit the GoAbroad-UAC International Office UNIVERSIDAD DE ACONCAGUA

For non-students and business professionals, we offer Customized Business Trip Programs where networking opportunities are provided to improve company business relations.

If you want to study Business in Latin America, Chile is an ideal country to do it. Chile is geographically positioned to influence trade policies, with the Pacific to the West and Andes to the East. Chile’s economy is one of the most stable and successful in Latin America enabling them to create countless trade agreements, including membership in NAFTA and the first country to negotiate a free trade agreement with China. Rich in natural resources, but desperately requiring more in terms of knowledge & technology transfer, Chilean firms are keen on communication and inter-cultural managerial discussion.


1. Customer Care – We ensure that each client gets the most impact and value from their international trip. We pride ourselves on the quality of ground support, accommodation options, transportation, guiding services and cultural events management 2. Benefit from a wide network of influential leaders and partners 3. Experience innovative programs design