Through the Center for Global Workforce Development participants can attend the following types of  Service Programs:

  • Volunteerism
  • Community Service
  • Internships
  • Field Education
  • Service Learning


GoAbroad CHILE Ltd has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce of Quilpue, Chile, to develop unique and extraordinary programs for anyone willing to donate their time and effort to study, volunteer or intern in the Sun City of Chile.

Participants help support families by volunteering in an eldercare or daycare institution. They help improve schools through the tutoring and literacy program and help support youth development by mentoring and helping in the after school programs. Participants assist in uniting people to work towards a common goal and build camaraderie and teamwork in the community.

Participants learn about the functions and operation of Quilpe’s government by working with local non-profit organization. They also learn a lot about the community by searching for local resources available to solve community needs. Participants will also discover their hidden talents that may change their view of their self worth.


1. Cultural Immersion – Participants are urged to do what the locals do and embrace the local culture.

2. Personal development – The programs will challenge and usually strengthen a participants self-confidence, independence, tolerance, empathy, flexibility, adaptability, pragmatic know-how and cultural insights.

3. Cross-cultural learning – Participants are more likely to experience differences of social organization, such as class and cultural distinctions.

4. Language Learning – The give-and-take, and the immediate feedback, of communication in a workplace is enormously beneficial n learning a foreign language.

5. Career Development/Professional Experience – Participants add a dimension to their resumes. The kind of personal development that participants experience can make them very marketable to potential employers.