Welcome Aboard!


Greetings from Chile!

As educator with an extensive experience in international education, I am pleased to invite you to participate in the following Study/Entrepreneurship and Social Programs:

1. For international participants interested in learning Spanish, Chilean Culture and Entrepreneurship Programs, please visit the GoAbroad-UAC International Office Universidad de Aconcagua website.

2. For international participants interested in making an impact through Volunteerism, Community Service, Internship, Field Education, and Service Learning Programs, GoAbroad-CHILE together with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of the city of Quilpué,  Governmental institutions, University of Aconcagua, k-12 Schools, and Social Organizations offer a wide and diversified range of opportunities to develop and help in the Marga-Marga County.

3. Engage in Inclusive Settings. For international participants interested in supporting the theme of Social Inclusion, be part as volunteers of the Leadership for Social Inclusion in the Lives of People with Disabilities Association. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at info@goabroad-chile.cl


Ana María Cabello

GoAbroad-CHILE Administrator

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GoAbroad-CHILE Team

– Ana María Cabello – Administrator

– María Soledad Díaz – Community Services Director

– Paola Vera – Project Manager

– Violeta Núñez – Housing Coordinator

– Verónica Olaeta – Web Administrator