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GoAbroad-CHILE offers international students and professionals a variety of experiential programs through the following GoAbroad-CHILE divisions: 

Division GoAbroad-UAC Study Abroad Programs

GoAbroad-UAC International Programs provides Short Term Intensive Spanish and Semester/Trimester long language courses with focus on language acquisition and Chilean Culture Entrepreneurship Programs with classes on the Universidad de Aconcagua campus. Participants will have an opportunity to study alongside Chilean students and professionals.

Division GoAbroad-CHILE Custom Programs

Custom Programs strives to design a program that complements your academic objectives and facilitates a culturally engaging experience for participants.

Division GoAbroad-CHILE GAP Programs

GAP programs offer recent high school graduates a chance to study and experience a  year, semester, trimester or short term abroad before entering their college or university.

Division GoAbroad-CHILE Service Programs

For international participants interested in making an impact through Volunteerism, Community Service, Internship, Field Education, and Service Learning Programs, GoAbroad-CHILE organizes a wide and diversified range oof opportunities to develop and grow in the Marga Marga county. Students witll have various options such as K-12 schools, non profit and governmental organizations and University of Aconcagua Programs. For international participants interested as a volunteer in special education, you may choose the program Leadership in the Lives of People with Special Needs Association. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@goabroad-chile.cl


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GoAbroad-CHILE Manager

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